The Newsroom

Recently Posted & Published Pieces written by CM Boots-Faubert

Welcome to the Newsroom!

This is the web page on my web site where I offer readers my five most recent pieces on the various beats and/or platforms upon which I write. If you happen to be an editor looking for writing samples, you're in the wrong place.  

What you actually want is either my Portfolio Page - which is where I actually do offer that sort of targeted content - or my Works pages, which contain pretty much every piece of my paid writing for the past decade or so.

Traditionally the newsroom is a central place in which reporters, editors, and producers as well as other staff work cooperatively to gather and report the news. In the digital era we now live in, the newsroom has largely ceased to exist - though an argument can be made that because the newsroom no longer exists somewhere, it now exists everywhere. I like that idea - so welcome to MY newsroom!



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