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Welcome to my writing archive.  Actually. calling this an archive of my writing is a bit misleading, because it only contains paid and published work.

To address that gap I'm adding a new section to the site called The Raw Bar, which includes mostly the unpaid product I have created over the years.

Mostly this consists of writing that was contributed to sites and small publications and 'zines that were either just getting established or that do not have a budget for paying writers. I often chose to write for them as a means of contributing to them in other words.

Sub-Section Navigation Notes

Part of the design process for my site includes technical bits spanning everything from the menu scheme to the choice of colors and illustrations and the like - and in the interest of both transparency and full-disclosure I admit I am not 100% up-to-date on these - but the site's designer is.

Chances are you arrived via a green link on the main navigation bar - and you will use the red links that make up the secondary navigation bar(s) links to get around the writing archives.  

The red links cover the categories of my writing - the two logical reasons for this structure in navigation are to differentiate between the main nav links and the content nav links, and to make it a little easier on the reader.

Content Availability and Format Notes

I have been writing long enough for some of my work to have only appeared in print, though most (if not all) of the more recent stuff with the exception of books appears in both print and digital and usually at the same time.

For my print-only work initially I'll list each piece with the Print Flag. When I have the time - or you lot ask me to - I will be adding each piece either as a PDF scan of the original as it appeared in print or, where that is not possible, as a text file using standard HTML markup.

This website was designed and created by Peter R. Boots-Faubert and full credit should be given to both for the interesting visual style and appeal, and his willingness to put in long hours while juggling work and uni.  Thank you very much, Peter.

Photo-Bombed a Ninja! Yeah, I am pretty brave

Ome no jiyūna jikan ni ninja o Photobombing... Kiken'na shumi.

Broken Links / Missing Content

Some of the links on the pages in this section of my site may be either broken, lead to empty pages, or now find themselves behind pay walls.

Unfortunately some of the publications I have written for have erected pay-walls.

This seems especially to be the case for links that lead to the online side of traditional newspapers.

In such cases - at least where I retain copyright ownership - I will try to host such pieces locally to ensure you have access to them.

If you find a piece that falls under this category, please email me letting me know that you want access and I'll try to get that up for you as soon as I can..

Where I don't own the copyright for a piece, I'll try to maintain a reliable link if at all possible to the online piece at the site of the actual copyright owner.

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