By profession I am a freelance writer and journalist.

At the end of the day when you add up my earnings the check comes from newspapers, magazines, and web publications that neatly fit into the "New Media" slot on the imaginary form we are filling out.

The following sections of this Services Page neatly describes what I do -- and what I no longer do in case you have used other services that I used to provide, and there is some confusion around what I might be induced into doing -- along with a general idea of how I must be compensated for those services.

freelance writing

I am fluent in the subject of the Internet, the Web, Computer Networks and Network Security, Video Games, Travel, and Feature Writing for newspapers, magazines, and the Web.

I generally accept freelance assignments for any of the above beats as well as others, if the assignment is one that I feel that I can contribute a valuable voice to. I am very keen these days on projects on the wine beat, spanning everything from researching vintages to travel pieces on specific vineyards to general interest and / or "edutainment" pieces on the wine beat (as that is the next beat I aim to enter).

The Beats I Write on . . .

  • Automotive - Event Coverage / Feature / Reviews
  • Business Tech - Instructional Feature Work
  • Consumer Electronics - Event Coverage  Feature / News / Reviews
  • Tech - Feature / News / Review (Internet / Computer Hardware / OS / Network Security)
  • Travel - Feature / Airline Food Review / Destination Review
  • Video Games - Feature / News / Previews / Reviews
  • Video Game Walkthroughs / Guides*
  • Wine - Feature / News / Review

Events I have covered and may accept paid and expensed assignments for include: Boston Wine Expo / CES (Vegas) / CES (New York) / China Joy Shanghai / Comic Con (Boston) / Comic Con (Denver) / Comic Con (New York) / Comic Con (San Diego / Detroit Auto Show / E3 / Eastern Winery Exposition / Fashion Week (New York) / FlightSimCon / Gamescom / Games Fleadh / Newport Wine Festival / New York International Auto Show / New York Wine Expo / Paris Games Week / PAX Australia / PAX (Seattle) / PAX East (Boston) / Tokyo Game Show / WineExpo Shanghai.

If you are an editor and you have an assignment that you think may be a fit please send an email to me at the address you will find on the Contact Section of the site.

Email is my preferred form of communication, so it may be very helpful for you to include basic information about the proposed piece or project, along with your contact information so that we can discuss it in detail.

* Please note that under video game walkthroughs and guides I prefer not to accept sports game assignments with the exception of auto racing games like the Forza series, which I do cover.

I no longer cover the Adult Entertainment Beat and will not consider either bylined or ghost projects or assignments on that beat.

blogging / guest blogging

A lot of freelance writers today blog -- and many of the successful ones get paid to do it. I also blog, but there is a key difference between my blogging and commercial blogging: I don't do it professionally and I am not very likely to accept an offer to blog for your site, paid or not.

While I appreciate being considered for every job, and I like to get paid for doing what I do best -- writing -- at the present time the only sort of paid blog work that I am likely to consider is strictly on the wine beat.  If you have a project in mind that is firmly on the wine beat, please feel encouraged to contact me.

website design

I no longer seek or accept web design projects.

referral type efforts

This is not a major element to my career or anything like that but, for example, some websites or services have referral programs or schemes that they use to get people like me who have something of an audience because of being a journalist to share them with friends or readers I may be able to influence. For example one of the pages below is for the audio book site and service Audible dot Com who I have been a customer of since day one and wholly and cheerfully endorse.

When a person uses one of the links on these pages - either to sign up for the free Audible Account or buy a book from Audible (via my link) - I get a credit for that. At least I think I do... I don't actually handle the money or credit end of things my wife does that – but I do know that I regularly receive notices from Amazon about people following my links and Audible sends me messages on their site telling me I earned a free book this month so as far as I'm concerned it's all the same thing?

As a journalist I operate under an ethics policy – and one of the important rules is full disclosure and transparency – so I have to TELL you that this is what is happening. Otherwise that would be very unethical. So if you are following one of my shared messages about Audible and you use the linked item(s) on one of these pages to join Audible or buy an audio book there, you need to know that I will benefit in some small way, okay?

Pages of My Referral Links

rates and compensation

Generally I bill industry standard, though depending upon the project size or complexity pay rates and compensation will be determined on a case-by-case basis, typically applying the industry standard hourly rate for larger projects, while piece-work is priced by the piece for small-to-medium pieces, and by the word for larger pieces.

This all usually gets accomplished in the "talking about" phase of a work proposal.

contact me

The most reliable method for contacting me is via email. When contacting me you will be best served by using the addresses provided in the Contact Section of this website - as that is the Contact Information that is maintained and kept current and up-to-date.

Please note that I use an image of my business card to present my contact information so that my email address and phone number cannot be scanned by a web-crawler.

I find that nicely cuts down on the amount of spam email and telemarketer robo-calls I receive.

A Helpful Glossary of Terms

As there has been some confusion in the past regarding what specific words or phrases mean in journo-speak, I thought it would be an idea to provide you with some helpful definitions of what certain key and important phrases mean, so when I use them you will know precisely what I mean:

  • add
    An addition to a story or article already written or being written.
  • attribution
    The designation of the person being quoted / source of information being quoted.
  • break
    The point in time at which a developing news story is declared known and available for coverage. Also the point where a piece is continued from one page to another. Also see "jump"
  • budget
    The amount of column-inches set aside for a specific piece.
  • bury the lead
    Force the reader to go through several paragraphs or more before getting to the point of the story/piece.  Generally considered to be a bad act or tactic.
  • byline
    The name of the reporter or writer who wrote a piece usually placed at the top of a piece.
  • cutline
    Descriptive or explanatory matter under a picture. AKA Caption.
  • feature
    A piece that emphasizes the human or entertaining aspect of a story or situation. A news story or other piece that is not straight news.
  • graf
    An abbreviation for paragraph.
  • hard news
    Spot coverage, live, or current news in contrast to features, folo, and handouts.
  • HFR
    An abbreviation meaning "Hold For Release" identifying a piece that contains information that cannot be used until the source releases it.  This also is applied to pieces containing information that us under embargo.
  • jump
    The continuation of a piece from one page to another.
  • kill
    To delete a graph from copy or discard an entire piece.
  • kill fee
    The cancelation fee for a piece that has already been started. Usually half the estimated cost of the piece or $500 whichever is greater.
  • lead
    First paragraph in a news story.
  • off-the-record
    Material that is provided in confidence. When accepted under this term the material cannot be used directly in the piece but may be used as unattributed general background in later coverage.
  • press release
    Publicity handout, or story/piece provided to the media for publication.
  • puffery / puff piece
    A story - usually a press release - that contains unwarranted superlatives.
  • rowback
    A piece that corrects a previous piece without indicating that the previous piece was in error and without taking responsibility for the error(s).
  • source
    A person, document, or event that provides the information for a story.

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