Las Vegas, NV - 4 Jan 11 - photo by G.S. Glenn
The Leather
Jacket his Expression

I should apologize to the spirit of Kobayashi Issa.

The reason I should apologize is down to my borrowing from one of his lesser-known poems; Issa used the same mechanism to contrast a warrior and his armor.

Make no mistake, the above is a legitimate offering that accurately describes the event so it still qualifies as a sincere homage.

If I must excuse it, the only defense I have to offer is the poem experienced me rather than my experiencing it - it quite literally jumped out of my mind the first time I saw the photo.

This part of my site covers events that reference my writing - that are created by others. It serves a small collection of such links, and is therefore worthy of a brief poem to introduce it.

That being so, I am comfortable declaring that the Mischief has been Managed, Harry.

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