The 12 games of Christmas: What's hot this holiday season
(December 21, 2015 Cape Cod Times)

The 12 popular games for this holiday season listed with full game reviews available for each.

Christmas 2014 Video Game Gifting Guide
(December 21, 2014 Cape Cod Times)

A comprehensive guide to the games to gift this holiday, with each title fully reviewed.

The 12 games of Christmas: What's hot this holiday season
(December 21, 2014 Cape Cod Times)

The 12 popular games for this holiday season listed with full game reviews available for each.

Best in play this holiday season
(December 17, 2013 Cape Cod Times)

Sales figures for Black Friday and Cyber Monday have established something that we already suspected: video games and game-related tech are atop the list as the go-to gifts for the 2013 holiday season.

The 12 games of Christmas: What's hot this holiday season
(December 18, 2012 Cape Cod Times)

The growing popularity of video games across the age spectrum makes them an attractive Christmas gift, but with so many to choose from, picking the right game to give can really do a number on your Christmas cheer.

Our annual look at the top video games
(December 13, 2011 Cape Cod Times)

The holiday season is upon us already, and while you probably managed to take care of the lion's share of your gift list between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, those were the easy gifts, to be sure.

Give the gift of gizmos
Print + Digital
December 21, 2010 Cape Cod Times

The words "electronic" and "gadget" go together like mashed potatoes and gravy, providing a verbal symmetry that simply works, so it is no surprise that people like to give — and receive — electronic gadgets for Christmas.

The 12 games of Christmas
Print + Digital
December 14, 2010 Cape Cod Times

As the holidays approach once again, we turn to managing our Christmas gift lists, with the daunting task of picking just the right gift for everybody. If you have any gamers on your list this year, you're in luck

Action Packed
Print + Digital
December 9, 2008 Cape Cod Times

Christmas is rapidly approaching and gift lists are being cast and revised as we strive to give if not the best gift than at least a gift that will be well received and enjoyed. Selecting the right video game can be especially challenging if you are not a gamer

Into the gray: Police searches of PDAs, cell phones raise questions of privacy
Print + Digital
March 15, 2008 Cape Cod Times

Cody Smith - not his real name - wasn't aware that the speed limit changed from 55 mph to 35 mph in the span of a dozen yards because the sign was concealed by a truck parked at the side of the road...

Gamers do battle with hackers online
Print + Digital
March 4, 2008 Cape Cod Times

They sit with their eyes glued to their computer screens, slightly tense and with great interest in the outcome of their efforts - though only one of the pair is aware of the other...


HIW: Internet Domain Names
Print + Digital
April 13, 2010 Cape Cod Times

Recently, there has been news about changes to the Internet's domain name service, including the introduction of URLs with non-Roman characters and an upcoming auction for new top-level domains that is targeted at industry and business.

How touchscreen technology works
Print + Digital
March 30, 2010 Cape Cod Times

Touchscreen displays have become more commonplace today, on cell phones, computers and, most recently, as the featured interface for Apple's iPad and tablet computers from computer manufacturers.

HIW: Computer defense in four parts
Print + Digital
July 7, 2009 Cape Cod Times

A computer virus is a dangerous program containing a destructive payload that is designed to ensure its own survival by copying itself into other programs throughout an infected computer

HIW: Where in the world did GPS come from?
Print + Digital
June 9, 2009 Cape Cod Times

The Global Positioning System — GPS — was created to provide a solution to the age-old questions asked by mariners, soldiers, and explorers: Where am I? How do I get where I need to go?

HIW: A lesson in smart chips
Print + Digital
April 28, 2009 Cape Cod Times

The smart chip concept was first proposed by Japanese inventor Kunitake Arimura in 1970, while practical applications for the technology was developed in 1974 by French inventor Roland Moreno, who patented the chip worldwide.

HIW: All about cookies (No, not that kind.)
Print + Digital
March 24, 2009 Cape Cod Times

Cookies — also called Web cookies — are a small piece of text that is sent to a browser by a Web server that contain information that is used by the server to track details of the user's activities on a given site.

HIW: Hitting the mark on Web searches
Print + Digital
February 24, 2009 Cape Cod Times

Search engines like Google and Yahoo use special software to search the content on Web servers and index each page, creating an entry in their Web database.

HIW: satellite radio
Print + Digital
January 27, 2009 Cape Cod Times

In 1992 the Federal Communications Commission allocated the 2.3GHz "S-Band" as a reserved frequency for the nationwide broadcasting of Digital Audio Radio Service, known as DARS.

How it works: VoIP
Print + Digital
October 7, 2008 Cape Cod Times

VoIP means "Voice over Internet Protocol" and is a technology for telecommunications that has been popular in corporate and large business environments for the past decade. In recent years, a number of commercial for-the-public products have been created.

How it works: Blu-Ray
Print + Digital
August 12, 2008 Cape Cod Times

Blu-Ray technology is a digital encoding and decoding standard for CD-like media used to record and play back audio-video and to store data on Blu-Ray media. Its more popular uses include video games and movies.

How it works: DVR technology
Print + Digital
July 15, 2008 Cape Cod Times

A digital video recorder (DVR), like this model from LG, is actually a computer and hard drive equipped with multiple TV tuner cards and an audio input/output card.

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