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Gamerscore Discrimination
(May 9, 2015 Speaking of. . .)
While there are a lot of ways in which other players will judge (and even discriminate) each other in the world of online gaming, perhaps one of the most egregious and objectionable is to judge a gamer by nothing more than their Gamerscore - or lack thereof...

a Home Network Revival Story
(May 3, 2015 Speaking of. . .)
A series of articles in which we explore the complicated process of upgrading and rebuilding the home network as we are in the process of doing just that...

A Steak that Bites - THE Fracas @ Top Gear
(April 4, 2015 Speaking of. . . )
Our take on the whole Top Gear "fracas" and how it has been blown way out of proportion... Maybe.

the Apple iPhone "Slide to Accept" Mystery. . .
(March 6, 2015 Speaking of. . .)
We solve the mystery surrounding the inability to Slide to Accept for some calls - and not others - on our Apple iPhones!

the Other Side of the Reporter's Pad
(January 5, 2015 Speaking of. . .)
A story of how I ended up being on the other end of the Interview Stick while covering CES and how that made me feel...

Relationships of the Freelace Writer
February 6, 2014 Speaking Of

The Internet -- and the World Wide Web specifically -- has radically altered the world of the freelance writer. To the detriment of that profession.

Secrets Inside of Secrets
(January 1, 2014 Speaking Of)

The hidden objects found in video games are called "Easter Eggs" but the reason -- the origins -- of this label and practice are surprisingly something of a mystery despite the relatively young age of the practice.

First Impressions of Microsoft's Xbox One Game and Entertainment Console
(November 23, 2013 Speaking Of)

Into that hostile environment our brave and attractive assistant and personal care-giver Yvonne (who also serves as the enabler to our gaming addiction and the facilitator of obtaining our Zero-Day Fix for new game consoles this stellar Fall of 2013) was being dispatched upon a mission.

Upgrading to the newest Apple Operating System - iOS 7
(September 22, 2013 Speaking of)

Because one of my day jobs is being a columnist for the Business and Tech Section of the Cape Cod Times, I was not surprised to receive an invitation last month to download a pre-release version of the new OS early.

Speaking of. . . the Ghost in the Machine
(August 26, 2013 Speaking Of. . .)

Let me tell you the one thing that I learned from watching these shows - the region of England that is called “The Midlands” is a dangerous place! You want to avoid that part of the UK like the plague, stay away! People DIE there! A lot!

Speaking of Freedom to Choose to be Patted Down?
(April 30, 2013 Speaking Of. . .)

Let me put it this way: If a TSA agent feeling you up at an airport security checkpoint is a necessary step in assuring the safe flight of the plane you will be a passenger on, then grope away! Winning!

Speaking of the Boston Marathon Bombings
(April 22, 2013 Speaking of. . .)

Why you should try not to post long and complicated broadsides that argue moral points when you are still angry about the subject you are writing about; How in a shocking surprise I find myself willing to entertain the notion that the world just might reap significant benefits when people who perpetrate horrific acts of violence are summarily executed.

Speaking of when the Law goes Too Far
(25 March 2013, Speaking Of)

We live in a world in which placing the blame is often more important than fixing the problem, and based upon the events that are unfolding in Western Pennsylvania and its border state, Ohio, over the past week, the case of Butler County v. Punxsutawney Phil Sowerby

Speaking of Agent 47
(3 February 2013 Speaking Of)

Absolution is not only the 5th game in the main series, but also presents the wrapping up of basically all of the plot, story, and sub-plot elements for the previous four titles in the series

Speaking of . . . Time
(January 25, 2012 Speaking of Blog)

No writer -- at least no freelancer -- complains about not having time with any seriousness to the complaint, because not having time means that they are working -- that they are earning... And that is not a subject that freelance writers joke about.

Speaking of . . . Pokemon
(March 30, 2011 Speaking of Blog)

Most gamers think that the Pokemon series began with the anime TV show Pokemon, but that is not what happened. The question of the chicken and the egg is no question at all in the case of Pokemon -- as the original game that started it all, Pokemon Green, came first

Speaking of . . . Vegas Stories
(January 12th, 2011 Speaking of Blog)

"Lemme help!" he slurs, and then loses control and falls on top of me, then begins to flail around as his sober companion tries to get him off of me. With the assistance of another man who is entering the bathroom they get this drunk off of me, and I finally get a good enough look at him to recognize him. I don't know him personally, but I know who he is.

. . Fall Feelings
(November 24, 2010, Speaking of Blog)

That was the thought floating in my head when I realized from the number of warm lumps pressed against me that, at some time in the night, my dog Calvin and our three cats, Pixel, Midnight, and Lightning, had joined me on the bed.

FFXIV... First Impressions
(October 17, 2010 Speaking of Blog)

First impressions of the new Final Fantasy MMO that I suspect was released a tad on the premature side...

Speaking of... Gamer Score
(April 15, 2010 Speaking Of Blog)

Before my timer ticked over and the service reflected that I had been playing for 2 years and not just 1, I had been accused of being an Achievement Whore more than once.

Misc Blogs. . .

Halo MCC: Achievements Run Amok
(May 6, 2015 recnef's Gaming Blog)
A look at the massive collection of Achievements found in Halo: The Master Chief Collection and how that pile of goals has confused an entire generation of gamers!

Ghosts and the Paranormal in Video Games
(January 14, 2014 recnef's Gaming Blog)

The question of ghosts and the paranormal is simply not that easily managed because there are a lot of people out there that firmly believe in them, believe that they have seen some, and believe that they know what it is that they saw.

I am not one of those people — but at the same time I am also not one of the people who say that ghosts do not exist because the bottom line is… I don’t know.

Judging Gears of War: Judgement
(August 27, 2013 Recnef's Gaming Blog)

Bearing in mind that the Developers went out of their way to communicate the fact that Judgement was not to be a full-length game, was definitely NOT to be considered Gears of War 4, and was meant to be a fusion of 3/4 prequel and 1/4 wrap-up from GoW 3 and there is no room whatsoever for confusion, right? Well… Not so much really.

Star Wars Kinect offers gamers a Free Gift
(April 22, 2012 Gaming Update)

Let's face it, the world is not filled with enough free gifts -- certainly not as full of free gifts as we would like anyway -- so when one comes along, even one that encourages you to use the special printer at work that can print really large sheets of paper using a wicked expensive wax-based color-jet printing tech that costs some obscene amount of money

Soup on TV

(23 September 2007)
A conversation with the Customer Service Rep about the risks associated with their Soup on the Go product line. A small sip of soup humor...

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