XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS
(June 2, 2014 AppGamer)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the turn-based squad-tactical role-playing video game reboot developed by Firaxis Games, and published by 2K Games.

Battle Fleet 2 Hints & Tips
(August 20, 2014 App Gamer)

Popular Strategy Hints and Tips article for the mobile game for iOS and Android platforms...

Fates Forever Hints & Tips
(September 27, 2014 App Gamer)

Popular Strategy Hints and Tips article for the mobile game for iOS and Android platforms...

Fable Age Hints & Tips
(September 26, 2014 App Gamer)

Popular Strategy Hints and Tips article for the mobile game for iOS and Android platforms...

Possible Addiction Risk-Factors IDd for Adult Video-Gamers
(September 24, 2013 CapeCodOnline.com)

The release of the study and its 9 September publication in the open-access journal Frontiers in Psychology took place prior to the Navy Yard Shooting (16 September) and the release of GTA V (17 September), so is coincidental to those events.

Xbox One? Frankie say Relax!
(June 20, 2013 CapeCodOnline.com)

The situation with the new Xbox One Console, its DRM, and other restrictions has generated a lot of email from the Game On community, so here is the most recent update on the issue.

SmartGlass and Media at the Heart of the New Xbox
(17 May 2013 MasonicGamer.com)

The significance of May 21st is that it is widely anticipated to be the morning of the day on which Microsoft (MSFT) will be holding the first official press conference to reveal to consumers details of its upcoming new Xbox video game and multimedia console.

The Disappearing Summer Doldrums?
(August 18, 2012 Masonic Gamer)

Within the confines of video game culture the word “Doldrums” is invariably preceded by the word “Summer” and together the phrase describes that unfortunate period in each year during which very few (if any) AAA titles are released.

The Future of Gaming Revealed at E3: The Second Screen Assassination
(June 22, 2012 Masonic Gamer)

Practically a city in its own right, the 2012 manifestation of E3 claimed more than 45,000 attendees who, having donned their special color-coded creds required to get them past security and into the site, set out to “occupy” the Convention Center,

An Image of Mystery: The Increasing Presence of Freemasonry in Video Games
(May 9, 2012 Masonic Gamer)

The world of the video gamer and the world of the Freemason appear to be in parity statistically, so why is there a marked increase in the presence of Freemasonry in video games? While the use of our fraternity has been overtin some of the more popular video games in recent years...

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!!
11 September 2008 Conspiracy Theories News

Briefly examining the most popular anti-masonic Illuminati theories and fears presently making the rounds.

The Road to Arrow of Light
Scouting LA Nov 2006

The Arrow of Light is the Cub Scout equivalent to Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts – it is the highest award in progress or rank that a Cub can earn

Crocodile Man, Steve Irwin dead
Ex-Pat Daily News 5 Sep 2006

The earth paused for a brief moment yesterday when the word was passed that Steve Irwin - famed Croc Hunter, television star, and unofficial Oz Ambassador of Tourism - met his end in a freak accident off the coast of Australia...

The Tourist Guide to Not Getting Killed in Australia
Cruising May 2005

After getting asked over and over by various friends for useful tips on what to look out for while visiting Oz I found myself thinking I should just write a guide. So I did. Enjoy!

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser
FlightSim Magazine May 2005

Like most computer geeks I have flown flight simulators since pretty much the beginning of their existence. I started on the TRS80 and Apple and as soon as I went IBM, I switched to MSFS

Scouting LA March 2005

There are a lot of needs in scouting, from space to resources and gear of every type, but raising the funds for all of that is not easy – in fact often it is not possible. When that is the case, having a parent or leader with scrounging skills is a Godsend.

Champagne: What You Need to Know
Epicurian January 2005

An almost magical wine with subtle charme that is created using the methode traditionnelle or traditional method that involves both experience and the favor of God.

Is Port a Gift from God?
The Wine eList 1 Aug 2004

Port wine has an interesting story and history - the only problem is nobody is really sure how much of what we think is its history is actually true. In cases like this we just have to accept that we don't really know

A Brief Guide on Gifting Wine
The Wine Reader 16 June 2004

A friend of mine recently got married, and because she is known to be into wine, more than a few of our common friends thought that gifting them a special wine on their special day

The 2003 Aviator Flies in Style, Comfort and Class
Digital / Print
EPinions 6 July 2003
Backwoods Magazine August 2003

My first observation after getting behind the wheel and putting a hundred miles behind me was this: There is no doubt about it, this is really a First Class Aviator!

Being a Volunteer (Scouting)
Scouting LA April 2003

Scouting today is a lot different than it was a generation ago – and still very much the same in many ways. What it is not is a place to park your kids, which I think should be made very clear right from the start.

A Cutionary Tale
Urban and Underground Explorer April 2000

The UE Community has developed a number of official and unofficial rules that are followed religiously and for very good reason – they keep you safe and alive.

Best in play this holiday season
(December 17, 2013 Cape Cod Times)

Sales figures for Black Friday and Cyber Monday have established something that we already suspected: video games and game-related tech are atop the list as the go-to gifts for the 2013 holiday season.

The 12 games of Christmas: What's hot this holiday season
(December 18, 2012 Cape Cod Times)

The growing popularity of video games across the age spectrum makes them an attractive Christmas gift, but with so many to choose from, picking the right game to give can really do a number on your Christmas cheer.

Microsoft opens new tech window with smartglass app
(June 7, 2012 Cape Cod Times)

On Monday morning, Microsoft opened its press briefing at the Electronic Entertainment Expo with two big guns for the Xbox 360 game system: its upcoming sequel to the "Halo" series — "Halo 4" — and the next "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" title, called "Blacklist." Then, Microsoft calmly floored the audience by introducing its newest piece of gaming and entertainment technology: SmartGlass.

Our annual look at the top video games
(December 13, 2011 Cape Cod Times)

The holiday season is upon us already, and while you probably managed to take care of the lion's share of your gift list between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, those were the easy gifts, to be sure.

Meet the tweets
(October 18, 2011, Cape Cod Times)

With the popularity of the messaging services of Twitter rapidly expanding to new segments of the online community, and particularly with teens and senior citizens

Portable PlayStation, next Wii star at Expo
(June 10, 2011 Cape Cod Times)

Sony and Nintendo -- two of the big three companies in gaming -- announced new consoles this week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, opening the door for a new generation of gaming systems with expanded capabilities.

Give the gift of gizmos
Print + Digital
December 21, 2010 Cape Cod Times

The words "electronic" and "gadget" go together like mashed potatoes and gravy, providing a verbal symmetry that simply works, so it is no surprise that people like to give — and receive — electronic gadgets for Christmas.

The 12 games of Christmas
Print + Digital
December 14, 2010 Cape Cod Times

As the holidays approach once again, we turn to managing our Christmas gift lists, with the daunting task of picking just the right gift for everybody. If you have any gamers on your list this year, you're in luck

HIW: Internet Domain Names
Print + Digital
April 13, 2010 Cape Cod Times

Recently, there has been news about changes to the Internet's domain name service, including the introduction of URLs with non-Roman characters and an upcoming auction for new top-level domains that is targeted at industry and business.

How touchscreen technology works
Print + Digital
March 30, 2010 Cape Cod Times

Touchscreen displays have become more commonplace today, on cell phones, computers and, most recently, as the featured interface for Apple's iPad and tablet computers from computer manufacturers.

Why iPad doesn't compute
Print + Digital
February 3, 2010 Cape Cod Times

After months of buildup, Apple finally revealed its new tablet-style computing device, the iPad, declaring that it fills a gap in consumer electronics, ideally suited for surfing the Web, watching videos online, playing games and reading electronic books.

Google starts counting down
Print + Digital
December 22, 2009 Cape Cod Times

Users of Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" search feature discovered a mysterious countdown clock recently, and speculation online includes some rather bizarre theories.

More text, fewer minutes, cut the cord
Print + Digital
December 1, 2009 Cape Cod Times

Cellphones are replacing traditional landline phone service in the home, and consumers are eschewing high-minute plans in favor of unlimited texting and Internet access.

An app that 007 would approve of
Print + Digital
November 3, 2009 Cape Cod Times

A slew of new programs have recently been announced, including a free app from NASA that allows the user to track the countdown, launch, and status of space shuttle missions in real time.

Beware of SMURFS on Web
Print + Digital
October 13, 2009 Cape Cod Times

A Denial of Service attack is perhaps the most popular method for interrupting services from a Web site, and has been used in the past few months to target and shut down Twitter, Facebook, Piryx and other sites

Microsoft upgrades Xbox Live
Print + Digital
August 11, 2009 Cape Cod Times

Microsoft announced last week that it will temporarily suspend its flagship gaming service Xbox Live — for a couple of hours.

Yahoo! reshapes itself with emphasis on you
Print + Digital
Juily 28, 2009 Cape Cod Times

The Sunnyvale, Calif., company — which calls itself "the most visited Web page in the world" — began preparations for changing its Web presence as part of its efforts to reinvent itself and boost fading profits due to competition from other web sites and services.

HIW: Computer defense in four parts
Print + Digital
July 7, 2009 Cape Cod Times

A computer virus is a dangerous program containing a destructive payload that is designed to ensure its own survival by copying itself into other programs throughout an infected computer

HIW: Where in the world did GPS come from?
Print + Digital
June 9, 2009 Cape Cod Times

The Global Positioning System — GPS — was created to provide a solution to the age-old questions asked by mariners, soldiers, and explorers: Where am I? How do I get where I need to go?

Scammers look to profit from flu fears
Print + Digital
May 2, 2009 Cape Cod Times

On the Internet, scammers are busily devising ways to capitalize on fears of the threat posed by the swine flu virus, frantically launching new Web sites and e-mail spam campaigns

HIW: A lesson in smart chips
Print + Digital
April 28, 2009 Cape Cod Times

The smart chip concept was first proposed by Japanese inventor Kunitake Arimura in 1970, while practical applications for the technology was developed in 1974 by French inventor Roland Moreno, who patented the chip worldwide.

HIW: All about cookies (No, not that kind.)
Print + Digital
March 24, 2009 Cape Cod Times

Cookies — also called Web cookies — are a small piece of text that is sent to a browser by a Web server that contain information that is used by the server to track details of the user's activities on a given site.

Oil glut swamps boat crews
Print + Digital
March 6, 2009 Cape Cod Times

PLYMOUTH — Think oil and layoffs don't mix? Think again.

Peter Whitfield of Plymouth recently returned home after being let go from his job skippering a utility boat servicing oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

HIW: Hitting the mark on Web searches
Print + Digital
February 24, 2009 Cape Cod Times

Search engines like Google and Yahoo use special software to search the content on Web servers and index each page, creating an entry in their Web database.

HIW: satellite radio
Print + Digital
January 27, 2009 Cape Cod Times

In 1992 the Federal Communications Commission allocated the 2.3GHz "S-Band" as a reserved frequency for the nationwide broadcasting of Digital Audio Radio Service, known as DARS.

Action Packed
Print + Digital
December 9, 2008 Cape Cod Times

Christmas is rapidly approaching and gift lists are being cast and revised as we strive to give if not the best gift than at least a gift that will be well received and enjoyed. Selecting the right video game can be especially challenging if you are not a gamer

It's what's inside that counts
Print + Digital
November 11, 2008 Cape Cod Times

CPU is an abbreviation for Central Processing Unit, and on personal computers and notebooks is contained on one integrated chip called a microprocessor.

How it works: VoIP
Print + Digital
October 7, 2008 Cape Cod Times

VoIP means "Voice over Internet Protocol" and is a technology for telecommunications that has been popular in corporate and large business environments for the past decade. In recent years, a number of commercial for-the-public products have been created.

Ground Zero plus seven
Print + Digital
September 9, 2008 Cape Cod Times

The anniversary of the 9/11 attack is a date that is not celebrated with fond memories and anticipation; it approaches each year with a quiet dread and the universal hope that something like this will never happen again.

How it works: Blu-Ray
Print + Digital
August 12, 2008 Cape Cod Times

Blu-Ray technology is a digital encoding and decoding standard for CD-like media used to record and play back audio-video and to store data on Blu-Ray media. Its more popular uses include video games and movies.

Deal puts Netflix on Xbox
Print + Digital
July 29, 2008 Cape Cod Times

Microsoft recently confirmed a long-awaited partnership with mail and online movie mogul Netflix that will bring movies-on-demand to the software giant's online gaming system Xbox Live.

How it works: DVR technology
Print + Digital
July 15, 2008 Cape Cod Times

A digital video recorder (DVR), like this model from LG, is actually a computer and hard drive equipped with multiple TV tuner cards and an audio input/output card.

Into the gray: Police searches of PDAs, cell phones raise questions of privacy
Print + Digital
March 15, 2008 Cape Cod Times

Cody Smith - not his real name - wasn't aware that the speed limit changed from 55 mph to 35 mph in the span of a dozen yards because the sign was concealed by a truck parked at the side of the road...

Gamers do battle with hackers online
Print + Digital
March 4, 2008 Cape Cod Times

They sit with their eyes glued to their computer screens, slightly tense and with great interest in the outcome of their efforts - though only one of the pair is aware of the other...

Turn 10 is Banking on the Forza Hub Keeping Racers Immersed
(May 8, 2015 SuperCheats)
Game studio Turn 10's expansion and re-imagination of its Forza Hub for the Forza Motorsports and Forza Horizon game series marks a decided change in emphasis towards content expansion as the new path.

Building a Legendary Pokemon Battle Team
(March 25, 2014 SuperCheats)

The beauty of the Pokemon World is that with each new generation the field of Pokemon you have to choose from within each Type grows. On the one hand that makes the choosing a lot harder though you are going to have obvious favorites in each Type so in a sense it also makes it easier.

Exciting Destiny
(June 12, 2014 SuperCheats)

Developed for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One by Bungie and published by Activision under their ten-year publishing deal, the game was demo'd at last year's E3, generating quite a bit of interest on the part of games journos.

Red Faction: Battlegrounds Launch Center
(November 15, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

Conceived as a prequel for the next game in the Red Faction series -- Red Faction: Armageddon -- Battlegrounds will be available exclusively as DLC via Microsoft Live and the Play Station Network Store.

Portal 2 Launch Center
(November 12, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

Portal was originally conceived as the spiritual successor to the freeware game Narbacular Drop, a game released by students of the for-profit DigiPen Institute of Technology in 2005 as a programming and logic problem.

Infamous 2 Launch Center
(November 10, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

The sequel to Infamous (2009), Infamous 2 is one of a handful of games that include built-in full support for the new Sony Play Station Move motion controller system, and features the continued adventures of protagonist and main character Cole McGrath.

Gears of War III Launch Center
(November 8, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

Gears of War 3 is the third and final game in the main trilogy that tells the story Marcus Fenix, Jace Stratton, Samantha Byrne, Anya Stroud, and Bernadette Mataki, and the fate of humanity with the Locust threat temporarily checked by a new and greater threat to humanity: the Lambent.

Brink Launch Center
(November 2, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

Brink is a First-Person Shooter with a story line that is inspired by the Seasteading Movement, which advocates the idea of constructing artificial "islands" as micro-nations, and a sea-based sustainable lifestyle that permits the citizens to live independent of traditional government.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Launch Center
(November 1, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

The general speculation surrounding this first and highly anticipated expansion to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was finally given a boost with the official public unveiling of the game at the Tokyo Game Show in September,

Batman: Arkham City Launch Center
(October 25, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

The sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum will continue the tradition of the stealth-based and gadget-rich superhero play that established Arkham Asylum as the most realistic opportunity to play Batman ever,

Call of Duty: Black Ops Launch Center
(October 18, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

The seventh installment in the Call of Duty series (and the third developed by game studio Treyarch), Call of Duty: Black Ops is set during the Cold War Era, and features the player as a special forces operative engaged in black operations behind enemy lines.

Medal of Honor Launch Center
(September 14, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

In the genre of war games, the Medal of Honor Series stands out as one of the three series that set the standards that other game studios follow. The newest game in the series, Medal of Honor, was developed by several studios

Fallout: New Vegas Launch Center
(September 1, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

In the Fallout Series the history of the world changed as the 1950's Cold War Era was just being established, when a hot war broke out just after the discovery of transistor technology, essentially locking American culture into the era of the mid-1950's

Fable III Launch Center
(August 26, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

You can say a lot about Fable series creator Peter Molyneux, but you cannot say he makes bad games. The release of the newest game in the series Fable III published by Microsoft Game Studios and developed by Lionhead Studios

DJ Hero 2 Launch Center
(August 24, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

When the original DJ Hero was released last year it had a fair number of games journalists scratching their heads in wonder; with the economy being how it was, the question that was being asked was simple: who is going to buy a game that also requires the purchase of an expensive peripheral?

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Launch Center
(August 22, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

Set in Renaissance Italy and the era of Leonardo Di Vinci, the game presents a very well made and realistic sandbox style open world in which the player faces a variety of challenges, and diverse quests.

Gran Turismo 5 Launch Center
(August 20, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

GT5 continues to honor the legacy of the previous games, but also represents a huge leap forward for the series, with a large number of improvements and new additions to the game. A 3-D Photo Mode has been added to the game this year

Halo: Reach Launch Center
(August 18, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

During the initial planning stages, the Reach Team, headed by creative director Marcus Lehto, began to plot out what was intended all along to be a prequel to the first Halo game. Already committed to building a game that best utilized the hardware available in the Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIV Launch Center
(August 16, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

Fans of the series eager to jump in and play will be pleased to learn that while the regular Retail Version of the game for MS Windows will go on sale on launch day (30 September), the Collector's Edition will hit store shelves a full week earlier

Mafia II Launch Center
(August 2, 2010 SuperCheats.com)

Development of the story arc for Mafia 2 began shortly after the 2002 release of the original game in the series, though production was delayed until mid-2005 when a firm commitment was made to produce the title for both the Microsoft Windows and Console platforms.

In the midst of the Summer Doldrums the Gaming Economy Surges Forward
(June 22, 2012 Gaming Update)

According to the recent report based upon research and analysis by Newzoo, Turkey has an active consumer gaming base of some 30-million gamers, ranging in age from 16 to 50, that serves as the baseline for statistical evaluation

Writer's Lawsuit, Threat to Delay Assassin's Creed III Release Not Likely
(April 20, 2012 Gaming Update)

The gaming world is buzzing with news of a lawsuit against Ubisoft and its Assassin's Creed game series, with claims by an attorney for a writer who says Ubisoft may have borrowed his story for the main plot and technology it used for one of its video game series'. . .

Connecting with Kinect via Kinect Fun Labs
(March 29, 2012 Gaming Update)

Considering that the device was initially launched in 2010 -- due in part to the reality that the lion's share of the games, apps, and arcade titles that showcase its special abilities as well as what it has to offer Xbox gamers actually occurred in 2011...

The Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes
(March 27, 2012 Gaming Update)

With all the controversy and protest over the disappointing ending of Mass Effect 3 mostly behind us, now that BioWare appears to have capitulated (though just how far that capitulation will extend remains to be seen) it makes us proud that pretty much all of the controversy appears to center around how things ended. . .

Sources Confirm Next Gen Console Launch Order but not Reveal
(January 30, 2012 Gaming Update)

There is still considerable confidence that Microsoft may announce the next Xbox at this year's E3, but Sony will certainly be silent about its next gen console, as it is busily shoring up its relationships with the game studios that are set to support the PS3 with continued releases through 2013.

Following the Scent of Microsoft at E3 2012
(January 22, 2012 Gaming Update)

Perhaps the biggest surprise at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show was the announcement by Microsoft that 2012 would be the last year that the company had an official presence at the show.

Mr. Bean and not Video Games Responsible for Youth Violence
(January 4, 2012 Gaming Update)

The problem with fact is that a clever person can make it appear to support whatever position they want to make, so when we examine issues and we choose not to deal in fact, but rather in truth, we are taking a more logical path.

The New 360 Dashboard and What it Means for Us
(December 23, 2011 Gaming Update)

The newest version of the Dashboard for the Xbox 360 console is now fully deployed all over the world, and Xbox gamers have formed their opinions -- good or bad, like or hate -- we have what we have

The Top Ten Most Influential Video Game Consoles of All Time
(December 21, 2011 Gaming Update)

It is not enough that a video game console had some sort of an impact upon the generation of its release, or upon gaming and gamers as a whole, it also must have a lasting and meaningful influence on video games as an industry. . .

Swimming with Sharks: Multi-Player Gears 3
(September 18, 2011 Gaming Update)

Gears 3 is the final entry in the three-story-arc that details the adventures of Delta Squad and its ongoing battle against the alien invaders called Locust, and now also a new threat called Lambent, whose creation and existence was covered in the last game, Gears of War 2.

Video Game Addiction
Addicted to Xbox Achievements and PlayStation Trophies
(July 4th 2011 Gaming Update)

When you examine their Gamerscore and the individual games that they play the underlying patterns revealed there tend to identify their motivation much more accurately and easily than asking the question directly.

NSFW: A Sorceress in the Centerfold -- The Changing Face of Video Game Sexuality
(May 9, 2011 GamingUpdate.com)

Unless you have been ignoring the gaming news over the course of the past week you are likely aware of the controversy brewing among fans of the RPG series The Witcher, as it relates. . .

Play Station Network User Accounts Compromised Anonymous Denies Connection
(April 27th, 2011 GamingUpdate.com)

At this point what we do know is that after a delay of almost a full week between when the breach was detected and today, Sony called a "My Bad" and sent an email out to all of the subscribers for their service who they think might have been effected by the breach

The Impact of the CES Gaming Zone
(January 09, 2011 GamingUpdate.com)

What has been widely termed the 'Geek Mecca' by the popular press is in reality the show that kicks off the new retail season, but this year it is more than that -- much more -- as the 2011 show marks an important watershed moment: the first year that Video Games were recognized as an economic force in the CE industry.

Lessons in Caravan
(November 22, 2010 GamingUpdate.com)

The introduction that you get to Caravan in the game is simple -- too simple really -- as it is basically a text file that you receive, along with a deck of cards -- from Ringo, the bloke that you rescue in the petrol station.

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